Our Product Designers collect ideas, create seasonal concepts and communicating key trends with our Development Department. Our Developers, together with our Brand Technician analyze the ideas, evaluate prototypes’ characteristics such as styling, performance and aesthetics. Shoe lasts and raw material research are carried out in-house with detailed specification. Those data are stored and maintained in our Enterprise Resource Planning System and through the use of computerized technologies we minimize the distance and make a faster and more accurate preparation for manufacturing.


The Wortmann-Group (, Detmold, Germany is the majority shareholder of Novi Footwear since 2000. Wortmann Group, established in 1967 is counted among the biggest European companies for footwear production and sales. As leader in the sector of ladies fashion shoes, the Wortmann Group sold 63.9 million pairs last year to the European markets. Beyond that Wortmann belongs to Novi Footwear’s largest customers regarding the production of shoes in the Fareast. The very successful business connection between the two partners goes back to the early years of Novi Footwear and combines the long standing excellent competence of both companies in all areas of the shoe industry in an optimal way.

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